Build quality and eco credentials

From the start, Stephen Davies, the founder of Southsea Deckchairs, wanted to make deckchairs that were strong, durable, and practical. Taking all the best deckchair design elements, he put them together to create the Southsea deckchair.


A heavy-duty moulding of 22mm x 47mm is used for the framework; this provides great strength and a noticeably more solid feel than some spindly domestic deckchairs. Mortise and tenon joints are now used instead of dowel joints, giving even greater strength and rigidity.


We use the durable hardwood Merpauh for our frames, treated with teak oil. This provides excellent protection against the elements and withstands wear. As well as extending the deckchair’s working life, the fine finish enhances its natural appearance. Greater durability means a longer life-cycle and less frequent replacement.


The Southsea deckchair is built for easy part replacement including fabric change. It makes no sense to throw away a chair if one part can be replaced. This also means a more sustainable product.


Southsea products are all made from timber sourced from sustainable forests and each invoice will have our certification details whether PEFC or FSC®

PEFC licence number PEFC/16-37-1456,  FSC licence number FSC® C007915


Our deckchairs have been produced in the UK since 1991, although some of the work is outsourced now. We still sew all the fabrics; finishing and quality control are still done in our workshop. The designs have remained the same for 30 years, and we still use the same fixings, mainly from UK manufacturers in Birmingham.