A Colourful History



Southsea Deckchairs was founded by Stephen Davies, a deckchair attendant working on Southsea beach during the 1980s and this is where Stephen’s love of deckchairs began. Here the idea was born to set up a workshop making deckchairs, initially for Southsea beach but eventually for every beach in the UK.

The Southsea Deckchair workshop was established in 1991 and the first batch was ready in the same year. The Southsea deckchair was developed from life-cycle testing and continuous improvement over the next 15 years with the three essential ingredients capable of withstanding a seaside environment: quality, strength and durability.


Stephen’s wife to be (Roma) joined the company in 1998 and over the next 10 years, they created a company that would supply not just most of the resorts in the UK but prestigious clients like Henley Regatta, The National Trust and Glyndebourne.

Stephen and Roma worked to produce a whole range of new designs from old icons like The Tennis Chair and The Easy chair. Every shape and detail of each chair was important to the continuity of style which would later become the Southsea brand.

Southsea Deckchairs has become the most famous deckchair producer in the world. It exports to many countries and has long-term re-sellers in Spain, Norway and France.


Over the years, Southsea Deckchairs has also had the privilege of collaborating with a number of brands. 

This includes the iconic desert boot with Clarks, completed in a durable deckchair fabric with stylish design. 

As well as a major collaboration with Fred Perry in 2014, creating a bold summer capsule collection, consisting of dresses, shoes, shirts and more.