Rental Chairs

Our deckchairs can be hired for all manner of events. Examples include air shows, band stands, concerts, exhibitions, feature films, hospitality areas, sporting events, TV commercials, weddings… the list goes on.


Hire Chairs

Our chairs are available for hire, just get in touch for information and any queries you may have! 

Minimum rental order is 50 deckchairs.

Heavy Duty

The standard moulding for our deckchairs has a cross-section of 22mm x 47mm, this provides great strength and a noticeably more solid feel than some spindly domestic deckchairs.

The Fabric

Our rental chairs are made of Polyethylene, you know the stuff… the seaside favourite, works like a Van Der Graaf generator. Very durable, ideally suited for public applications, and the most demanding contact use. Can be left outside for prolonged periods with little deterioration. Available by sling length or roll.

Try rubbing up and down on it, see if you can start a thunderstorm.

Available in four stripes – Green and White, Red and White, Blue and White & Yellow and Blue.