Screen Printing

Screen printing. (sometimes called “spot colour print” or “line colour print”). Maximum print area on a deckchair is aproximately 350mmx450mm, although in some cases it is possible to print larger. We can usually print up to 5 colours (at the very most).
We can screen print onto 3 different fabric types: acrylic, cotton, textilene.



Cotton is traditional, can look nostalgic, retro. Looks and feels great! Not suitable for extended contract use.



Acrylics have a much wider colour range, they look and feel simliar to cotton (not shiny!). They are durable and suitable for exterior contract use over long periods.



Textilene is our strongest and most durable fabric. Excellent for exterior contract use, very hard wearing and can be wiped clean easily.

Digital Printing

Digital printing can include as many colours as you like! This can be, for example, a photograph or image. We use 2 types of digital printing: dye-sublimation and transfer.


Dye Sublimation

We print all over the front of the fabric (we use a special artists canvas, 500g) with a 4-colour process. The print is heated onto the fabric for a permanent and durable print. Suitable for light exterior contract use.


Transfer Print

4-colour process onto cotton, acrylic or textilene. Largest print area is 300mm x 300mm. Suitable for light exterior contract use.

This example shows a logo applied with transfer print onto a red and white striped deckchair.