Sunlounger Mattress

This super-comfy mattress is primarily designed for use on our slatted lounger. The inner filling is 25 kg / cm3 density foam.

The mattress is attached to the lounger by means of easy-to-use hooks.

Manufactured in 100% acrylic fibre with a water repellent finish.

This durable acrylic fabric is ideal for the tough demands of contract applications. Specially designed for outdoor use this is a premium grade acrylic, suitable for marine applications, it has excellent colour retention. Subjected to 800 hours of an alternating programme of sunlight and sprinkling this fabric still retains it bright vibrant colours. It feels really nice to touch as well.


Sunlounger Mattress
  • Depth: 6cm
  • Length: 192cm
  • Overall Width: 56cm
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Sun Lounger Mattress Dark Blue