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19th March 2012

What's Korean for Deckchair?

Well, according the Google Translate it is 갑판 의자...but you may be asking "Why on earth do the good people of Southsea Deckchairs want to know that?"

The reason is that we are pleased announce a new distributor for the South Korea - and a wide range of our products are now winging their way across the globe. Nick, the owner of Pimlico Online tells us why the quintessential deckchair is now all the rage in the country:

Once upon a time, Koreans struggled to conjure  up images of the UK - more often than not when  i would ask  "What springs to mind when you think of England?", i would get the standard 'fish and chips'or 'miserable weather'.  Well, now the tide has changed.  I'm proud to say we have the lovely Kate Middleton and the even more attractive range of quality chairs and fabrics from Southsea Deckchairs!   We're absolutely delighted to be distributing the Southsea brand here in South Korea and are confident the chairs will be well received.   The chairs will be on sale in South Korea at the end of April through Pimlico Online.


Nick is joining our growing list of Global Retailers - if you are a business owner who thinks our iconic British products would sell well in your area, get in touch with us today. We look forward to seeing pictures of our new South Korean fans enjoying their deckchairs!