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18th March 2015

Southsea Deckchairs and a Amur Leopard

One of our delightful customers came in last week to collect her Southsea Deckchair, and told us about her love for big cats! Our customer had recently adopted an Amur Leopard as part of her Christmas present, and after she sent us some photos we also adore this beautiful animal. With as few as 45 adults remaining in the wild – the Amur leopard is probably the rarest and most endangered big cat in the world. Habitat destruction, degradation and poaching of Amur leopards and their prey are persistent threats – and the future of this species is uncertain. The Amur leopard is critically endangered. Due to her love of big cats our customer chose the beautiful Wood Land Trust Tiger Deckchair. Each deckchair sold will enable the international conservation charity,the World Land Trust, to purchase and protect half an acre of threatened habitat forever. The Sit to Make a Stand Collection of five designs, inspired by the Trust’s international conservation work, encourages people to take direct action for the environment. Each deckchair represents one of five key World Land Trust projects including: Coral Reefs, designed by Sarah Lewry Elephants, designed by Jessica Walsh Orang-utans, designed by Shahnaz Binte Nazimuddeen Big Cats, designed by Hannah Baker Parrots, designed by Rachel Iball. Our collaboration with the World Land Trust enables them to purchase and protect half an acre of threatened habit forever with each Deckchair sold. Hopefully with the work of the Woodland Trust endangered species, like the Amur Leopard, may be protected. Get yours: