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19th August 2014

Reuters Filming: "Deckchair Maker's Life Beyond the Beach"

First to film us was Reuters (an international news agency), who came to see the chairs being produced. The film focused on how soaring summer temperatures are swelling orders here, focusing on how we are Britain’s only deckchair manufacturer. Generally, emphasis is placed on how we have branched out into fashion export.

In the video, Stephen Davies (the founder of Southsea Deckchairs) states:

"Things move on. That's how it used to be but as a company we've adapted to that gradually over the years and as one market declines news ones have sprung up. I think it's just a question of identifying and finding out what they are."

Reuters Interviewed Stephen on the founding of Southsea Deckchairs in the early 80's. Back then there were just four patterns to choose from. And they turned out 100 chairs a year. Today there we have over 200 different designs, producing more than 10,000 chairs. A sunny summer has helped boost sales. So does an online presence. But the real transformation has come from collaborations with some of the UK's best-loved brands. Fred Perry, Clarks shoes and London department store Liberty have all worked with Southsea. Reuters concludes with how we have turned some of the most iconic patterns into fashion favourites.

Click here to watch the video.