1st June 2019

Go large this summer!

Meet ‘THE GIANT’ (and siblings) – the latest unique lifestyle accessories from British icon and national treasure, Southsea Deckchairs.

This summer, the company is going large in response to demand – enter The Giant, an astonishing 1.57m wide x 200 cm high x 199 cm depth custom-made colossus. It is joined by the launch of oversize double and triple creations.

These larger-than-life designs are answering calls from the growing number of ‘experential’ and Instagram-hungry clients, such as events businesses, independent cinemas, pubs, clubs and hotels. As all the chairs can be made from any of a dazzling array of fabrics and branded to the hilt, it’s hardly surprising that they capture the increasing trend for a bespoke indulgent vibe.

The Giant has been making its way round the UK at top brand events and now it is available for you and your family of 10…or just for you to enjoy the ultimate in luxurious comfort all to yourself.

The company’s founder, Stephen Davies, worked with an experienced woodworking designer to create the gigantic chairs. “The geometric skills needed to scale up the design for The Giant to ensure safety as well as comfort have been strenuous,” he admits.

Southsea Deckchairs has been one of Britain’s great success stories for nearly 30 years. A family-run business, it is the UK’s last remaining deckchair producer but still leads the field (and garden or beach), with its beautiful sustainably made deckchairs. Its range, including a mini, midi, standard and wideboy, grace the finest lawns of high net worth individuals and the lorgnettes of guests at top brand events, such as for Aston Martin.

6th June 2018

Meet 'The Giant' The Giant. This custom made renewed sling is one of our biggest *don't mind the pun*. achievements. Currently available to trade customers to have one of their very own unique slings, The Giant is making it's way around the nation appearing at different events for different brands and soon to be available for you and your family of ten...or just for one spreading out and enjoying some space. Pictured below is our custom made Giant sling for the University of Portsmouth with one of our very own lounging on it...three days later and she's still there, perhaps she should get back to work now...? This is the deckchair of all deckchairs, some say it can be seen from space...

22nd May 2018

WGB and SDC come together

We're not ones to brag but...the photo does the bragging for us. The order for Walled Garden Baumber was completed at the beginning of May when the sun was just beginning to shine, and doesn't this picture show it! The branded chairs are on display, and in full use, at the gardens in Baumber, Horncastle. Pay the gardens a visit as they have plenty of events and exciting activities on in the lead up to summer, but of course this wouldn't be the only reason to visit...the deckchairs are just as enticing. Enjoy one of the home made refreshments on offer and recline and relax in the specially made WGB chairs. Want ones of your own? Whether it's for your personal enjoyment at home or for the pleasure of the public we'll cater to your most specific needs...

18th May 2018

From Brighton to Brooklyn

From Brighton to Brooklyn...our chairs travel the world! In recent weeks we've delivered our chairs to the popular Brighton Beach, right next to the pier, head down on one of England's many sunny days to enjoy the famous beach and the famous deckchairs! Or, if you're feeling more adventurous why not pop across the pond to the Big Apple where our deckchairs sit pride of place at Soho House in Brooklyn? It's a good excuse for a holiday! Whether it's Brighton or Brooklyn you'll feel the same amount of dreamy relaxation when laid back in the glorious Southsea Deckchair...