Durable fabric specially designed for outdoor use, this premium grade breathable acrylic has a lovely soft-cotton feel. 

This durable acrylic fabric is ideal for the tough demands of contract applications. Specially designed for outdoor use this is a premium grade acrylic with excellent colour retention. In use this breathable fabric has a lovely soft-cotton feel to it.

Purchase Options

Deckchair Sling (replacement)

£39.00 each

Need a new sling for your Southsea Deckchair? Or just fancy a change of colour this season?

Browse our beautiful fabrics and choose your favourite. We will send you a sling made to fit the Southsea Deckchair frame.

Cut length with tacks

£35.00 each

To repair or refresh an existing deckchair we can supply a 1.5 metre cut length of deckchair fabric complete with 16 shiny brassed tacks.

These come in a 43cm width which will fit most deckchairs, but we advise you to measure before you order!

We can make a replacement sling for any type of deckchair, but prefer to see the old sling first to check the measurements and style.

By the metre (43cm wide)

£22.00 per metre

43cm wide, sold by the metre.

These beautiful fabrics are inspired by the materials we use for our range of deckchairs. As you can see from the designs, they carry the soul of our traditional products.

Please note that our fabric is specially cut to your required length, so unfortunately it cannot be returned once purchased. Samples are available.


£3.00 each

We can supply a 5cm width of any of our fabrics.

Replacement Sling for Armchair

£41.00 each

A beautiful new replacement sling for your Southsea Armchair.

Our replacement sewn slings are the perfect fit for Southsea Armchair frames and are currently available in over 100 amazing fabrics.

If you need a lovely new sling for your own Armchair (not a Southsea frame), please contact us with your measurements. We will be happy to make new slings for any size frames but prefer to do this once we have seen your old sling.



Replacement Covers for Tennis Chair

£44.00 each

Damaged Covers or update your Southsea Deckchairs Tennis Chair? Please note: These are only recommended for Southsea Deckchairs Tennis Chair.

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